Indian musicians and musicians-in-residence will soon have a new instrument to play in the country’s booming music industry.

The instrument, dubbed “Dulcimers SoundClick” by a team of Indian music students at the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, will be released to the public in the state of Maharashtra from the end of next year.

The new instrument is a musical replica of the Dulcimer, a popular and versatile electronic percussion instrument from the 1960s that has been popular in India since the 1970s.

The soundclick, made from aluminium, steel and polyester, is designed to replicate the sounds of human voices and sounds in music.

The team is aiming to release the device in India by March 2021.

Dulcs is a term for a type of soundclick instrument.

The instrument resembles a bass drum, and is usually used for jamming or percussion.

The device uses a large hollow cylinder that resembles a drumstick with a hollow top.

It is made from a polymer-based polymer called polypropylene, which is widely used in electronic products, such as headphones and earbuds.

The soundclick is meant to be used as a vocal instrument.

The students of the Indian institute created the device using an existing soundclick device in the form of a miniature electronic instrument, and created a new one using a new, larger, version of the soundclick.

The instruments use the same technology to play, with an additional function that is designed specifically for use in the field of music.

It allows the sound to be played on an instrument with a microphone, and it also includes a digital audio recorder.DULCIMERS soundclick:The device, called “Duls” in the local language, was made from polypropylene, a polymer that is widely known for its use in electronic components.

A Duls soundclick can play instruments including drums, percussion, banjo, guitar, and bass.

The original Dulcims soundclick has been used in India for more than a decade, but the new device is being made in collaboration with an Indian university, which has been using it in the fields of music and film for many years.

In March this year, a team from the Indian film studio Cinefantastique was awarded the prestigious Prix de la Musique du Québec (PIM), the top prize in the world of music, film and theatre.

The award is the highest in the PIM.

The PIM is the oldest and most prestigious international award in the art of cinema.

In May, a delegation from the film company Akshay Kumar visited India for the first time.

The Indian film company was able to acquire the rights to the rights of the original Dulcs soundclick in March, but it has not released the device until now.

The Dulcimais soundclick was created in the late 1980s.

The students used the same soundclicks as the Dulcs to create a few new instruments, such the Dulcalis.DURGENT NEWS FOR THE INDIA MUSEUMS AND FILMS INDIA MUSEUM INDEPENDENCE, UK SOLD For all the latest India News, download Indian Express App