Instrumentalists in Japan are using instruments, usually instruments of music, to create and share music.

They’re called artiphon, and they’re a great way to engage in music without the need to buy an expensive studio.

Artiphon instruments have become popular as musicians use them to create music, while traditional instruments are a bit harder to get into.

We’re talking about the saucer instrument or horn instrument.

A saucer is a small, flat wooden or metal instrument that sits atop the head and can be played with the fingers or the thumb.

You can get a saucy, string-y version of an instrument by buying an artiphone, or you can get the standard instrument, a violin.

The artichoke, or artifocal instrument, is a smaller, round wooden instrument.

It is played by bending the neck and then twisting the top.

A sauce horn is a long, narrow instrument that is made by adding a thin layer of liquid to a wine bottle.

An articulated harp is a large wooden instrument that plays a single note and has a long string attached to it.

It has a short string attached as well.

Horns are also an artificial instrument, made by using a metal plate on a wood base.

These are also called artichoke horns.

I like an Artichoke Horn , but it’s too large.

I don’t want to use an Artichoke on my violin, but I’d be happy with a sousaphone.

These instruments are usually made from metal, or wood, but there are exceptions, like the Artichokes.

They have a metal shell and a thin, flexible metal neck.

The thin metal shell protects the neck from damage during use.

They have a distinctive look that is distinctive to many Asian cultures, and many Japanese use them for sound therapy.

We have an Artiphon , but the sound is too loud.

There’s also an instrument called Articulator, which has a flat metal body and can produce sounds.

The Articyop uses a microphone, so it is not an instrument.

However, many of us find the sound of Articulator’s to be more soothing than the Articyop’s.

And of course, there are Artifocal instruments that have sound effects attached.