A tabala instrument and rune is a very traditional instrument that has been used for centuries by the Hindu people of Sri Lanka.

It was originally a harp, but was then adopted by the Sikhs, who adopted the instrument as their national instrument.

Runes are composed of a base made of wood and a string and are tied in a knot.

They are used to chant prayers, as well as to meditate on the dead.

They can be played on a tabla or on a wooden string, or both.

The instrument has been known for thousands of years, and it is one of the most popular and traditional instruments in the world.

There are about 7,000 tablas in the country, but only about 2,000 have been produced.

It is one the most treasured possessions of the nation, with its beauty and charm.

Its importance has also led to its popularity among foreign tourists.

The tablas are also used in the Tamil language.

The Indian-born composer and lyricist Gopichand Kishore had written the tune for this instrument, and the tune is known in Tamil as kumaram kumar.

The melody is said to be the most complex and melodic in the English language.

It was first recorded in 1909.

Rajesh Chawla, a writer and a member of the Tamil national team, said it is important to learn to sing the song properly and that it is not a traditional song.

“The tabla is a piece of art and has a tremendous influence on the culture of the country.

It has a special significance in the life of the people, especially in Tamil Nadu,” he said.”

It has the power to bring the nation together, and this is the reason why I love it so much.”