The manufacturers of a new string instrument called the JBL and a Roland-branded Yamaha electric guitar have announced their collaboration.JBL announced that it will work with Yamaha to develop the instrument and the company’s new brand.

Yamaha will work to produce a range of new JBL instruments for JBL customers in the future, said an announcement by Roland in the Japanese company’s home country.

The company said it will also provide an instrument with a Yamaha nameplate.

Yamaoka will also develop a range from the new JBA-M instrument, which is a Yamaha electric string instrument that will be a first in the world for JBA.

Yamaha will also design the new Yamaha KU-M1 and the new RY-M series electric guitars, which will be manufactured by Yamaha.

Yamaha has previously announced that Yamaha will produce its own electric guitars and basses in Japan.

The two companies are launching the JBA series of instruments as part of a partnership between JBL in Japan and Yamaha in the United States.

The first instrument to be made in Japan will be the JBE-M, which Yamaha calls the J-1, which sounds like a Yamaha U-1 acoustic guitar.

The instrument will be available in late 2017 or early 2018.

The JBA, which was launched in 2013, has an Fender-style neck with an adjustable neck joint and a Fender tremolo.

It has a body made of high-density polyester and an aluminum finish.

The instruments are designed to play in any musical setting, from jazz to classical to rock.

It is one of two instruments made by Yamaha that uses the Fender bridge pickup.

Yamaha made the F-Series bridge pickup that was used on the Yamaha DX-5 acoustic guitar, which debuted in 2011.