GONG instrument manufacturers are making some very bold claims, claiming that they are making the most advanced instruments in the world.

These claims have been made by the company, JPI.

The company says that it has a 20-year history with the manufacture of the instruments.

They claim that the new instruments will have the best audio quality of any modern instruments on the market.

JPI claims that the instruments will be manufactured using the latest technology, and they will be built to last for many, many years. 

One of the most important things to remember is that these instruments will not just have a name, but a name that is unique to the instrument.

This will be a very important feature.

There is a lot of controversy about whether the new JPI instruments will look like an old-fashioned musical instrument or something completely new.

JPH has said that it is the same design that will be used in their instruments. 

The JPI Instruments will be available in different configurations and colors.

Jpi also has a partnership with the German company, KTM, to make its instruments in Europe.

The JPI guitars are also going to be made in the US, and the company says it is going to have the largest manufacturing plant in the United States in 2020.

This is all good news for the Japanese companies that are manufacturing instruments for the US. 

I have yet to hear anything about the quality of the new guitars.

The first JPI instrument I have heard is a “guitar-shaped” one.

The other instrument that I heard is described as being like a “piano” with an acoustic guitar bridge.

It seems that there are a lot more of these kinds of claims being made by JPI than I am able to find out about.