It’s a dream, one that has been a long time coming for Japanese musicians who are now turning their eyes to the continent.

Now, the city of Osaka is hosting its first-ever “Japanese” festival, which will showcase Japanese music and traditional instruments.

According to the event organizers, the festival will “offer a platform to explore new musical styles and new influences in the Japanese tradition.”

In the event of a festival, the organizers say, “the participants will be able to perform, hear and experience the sound and style of traditional Japanese music, as well as other Japanese instruments.”

According to organizers, attendees will be provided with Japanese traditional instruments like yuzu, ukiyo-e and yuri, and traditional japani, which is a combination of koto, uke, udon and kyaku.

In a video posted on the event’s official Facebook page, organizers explain that this festival will be “the most diverse Japanese music festival ever” with an emphasis on traditional instruments and koto.

“We want to create a place where the entire world can learn, share and experience music together,” the organizers said.

The organizers also said that this event will be open to all ages, and that the event will have free food, beverages, a variety of live performances, and a live auction.