A piano has been repaired and returned to the same owners after it broke down and had to be repaired again in the US.

The instrument was bought in a store in New York City and returned in California, where it was repaired by a repairman with a professional piano repair company.

Owner John Trombone said it took him three months to get it back.

“I thought I’d never get it repaired,” he said.

But after more than a month of trying to work it out, he was happy to find a new owner.

He said the repairs were a great way to bring the instrument back to life.

Mr Trombon said the piano was bought from the store at about the same time and returned a few months later.

I think the only thing that can be said is that it’s a wonderful piano, and it’s not only a piano, it’s an amazing instrument.

After getting it repaired, the owner was happy the piano returned to him.

John Trombo said it was a great experience to be able to play it again.

This time, he decided to buy a new one.

For now, Mr Trombi said he’s happy with the sound of the instrument.

“It’s a very nice instrument, it sounds great, it makes a lot of people happy, and that’s what I’m after,” he told ABC Radio New Zealand.

Trombon has repaired about 100 pianos over the years.