The ACLU and other civil liberties groups filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday, seeking a court order barring the Trump Administration from implementing new deportation measures.

The Trump administration has been working with ICE on an expansion of its deportation operations under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which was extended in 2018 under President Donald Trump.

The suit was filed by the ACLU, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the Center for Immigration Studies, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, the National Immigration Law Center, and the National Partnership for Women and Families.

The new policies were put in place in March by then-President Donald Trump, who vowed to crack down on illegal immigration.

The ACLU argued that these new policies violate the First Amendment and the United States Constitution, and that they will cause serious and widespread harm to the Latino community.

“The Trump administration’s aggressive immigration enforcement policies violate federal and state laws and have a devastating impact on the communities they target, particularly in the southern border communities of Texas and Arizona,” said Omar Jadwat, an ACLU attorney who filed the lawsuit.

“As a result, the President’s unconstitutional immigration policies will continue to hurt millions of people, including Latinos and Americans who are undocumented and have lived here for years.”

The ACLU is also seeking an injunction that would prevent the administration from enforcing the orders of the Justice Department and the Department and Homeland Security, and it is seeking an order that would bar the administration’s enforcement actions from affecting immigration proceedings in courts across the country.

The DOJ and DHS are also expected to seek an injunction to block the implementation of the orders on March 18.

On March 9, President Donald J. Trump signed an executive order that expanded the DACA program to include many of the same people who were affected by the Trump order, but also broadened the categories of people that were eligible for DACA and extended the period during which they could stay in the country if they came back.

The lawsuit comes after the Justice and Homeland Secuirtures filed an injunction on March 12 to block enforcement actions under the Trump DACA program.

The order also extended the deadline for individuals to reapply for DACA, a decision that was announced in January.

“Today’s announcement is a further step forward to protect the most vulnerable and vulnerable populations in the DACA and DAPA expansion and to ensure that these programs will continue,” Jadwatt said.

“It is an affront to the rule of law that we will not allow the administration to continue to abuse its prosecutorial discretion and abuse its executive authority.”