The playlist is a collection of some of the best timpania instrumental gospel songs recorded during the 1980s and 1990s.

The albums are all on the same band, and feature diverse styles of timpanie music.

Here’s a look at the 10 albums:1.

Timpania – In The Garden Of The Gods (1977)Timpania are a Brazilian soul singer/songwriter/musician, who have become synonymous with the genre of timpanista.

The genre has been played by a wide range of musicians and artists since the 1970s.

Timpanistas were an important part of the early Brazilian music scene and were instrumental in popularizing the style.

It was the early 1990s that the genre exploded and began to gain popularity.

In 1997, Timpanie released a collection titled Timpiana – In the Garden Of the Gods.

Timpani – In Your House (1994)The Timpanyan artist, Timião, is known for her innovative and unique lyrics.

She is also an accomplished songwriter.

The album was released in 1994 and includes tracks such as the anthem, “Garden of the Gods.”

Timpanyas own album was also an influential work, as it is considered to be one of the earliest and most popular timpanicos compositions.

The song “Gloria” features a sample of the Gloria Morais song “The Golden Flower.”

Timpananya – In A Day By Day (1986)The album title, In a Day By the Day, is a reference to the fact that the album is named after the first song that the band performed in Brazil, which is called “Timbanya.”

The album was a major hit in the country and became a popular dance album.

The track “Tubari” is an instrumental dance number.

Timpanania – At The Gates of Heaven (1991)Timpananyas third album was called In A Days By the Gates of the Heaven, which features a beautiful dance number, “Tumma”.

Timpananni – In a Year (1991, 1994)This album was Timpannas first full-length album, which was released on June 19, 1991.

The first track on the album, “Sambra”, features an instrumental.

Timperoni – In Time (1992)The second track on this album is “Sabira” by the Brazilian Brazilian singer, Luciana, which consists of a simple melody and the most important piece of timpian music known as “tumma.”

Timperoni, which means “time”, is also known as the “time of the soul” and has a heavy influence on Timpanni’s music.

The album included a number of other tracks as well, such as “La Rua”, “Fantasia”, “Carnaval”, “O Tempo”, “Mamma”.

Timpanya also released another album called “Mana”, which included a new song called “Bela.”

Timperani – At the Gates Of Heaven (1992,1994)Timperanya released another full-album called In a Days By The Gates Of The Heaven, in 1992.

Timperanya had a large amount of hits on their debut album and this album also featured a new track, “Babal.”

Timpanna released another new album called In The House Of the Dead, which included an instrumental track called “Lola.”

Timpatania – The Garden of the Dead (1994,1997)Timpatanya released another compilation of their songs called “The Garden of The Dead,” which features several songs.

Timpatanya – The House of the Living Dead (1997)The first track off of the album was “Bella.”

The second song on the compilation is called, “Cherpa.”

The album includes many songs that have never been performed live, such a classic Brazilian hit called “Cerdo” and an instrumental that is also considered to have a big influence on the music.

TimPatani – A New Day (1998)TimPatanya released a new album titled A New Year, which featured the song, “Ejébola,” by the singer, Lucia, and also featured another song, called “Para.”

TimPatanya – A House of Hope (1999)The band released another track called, “Lula,” which is the most well known of the timpanya songs.

The band also released a compilation called, Timpatania, which includes more tracks from the album.

TimPani – I Am Timpana (2002)TimPania released another solo album called I Am the Timpano, which contained an instrumental song called, My Lady.

“TimPanya – A Place For Your Love (2004)TimPianyan released a remix album called TimPania Mix, which has an instrumental called “Vuot