Trump is surging in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll released Tuesday.

He also has a strong lead in New York.

Trump is also ahead in Florida, while Clinton leads in the polls of New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

Trump holds a significant lead in Iowa and New Hampshire.

In Wisconsin, Trump leads in two polls: a Marquette University poll and a Marquis Media Research poll.

He holds a 2-point lead in Florida and leads in one in Ohio.

Clinton is behind in the final polls in Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, but has a slight edge in Michigan.

Trump has a significant advantage in New Hampshire, but his lead is slim, according the AP-GFK poll.

The Republican nominee is running neck-and-neck with Clinton in New Jersey and has a 6-point edge in Iowa.

The AP-FiftyThirtyEight polling average shows Clinton leading Trump by a narrow 3.7 percentage points in Ohio, a swing state where Trump has enjoyed an unusually strong start.

Trump’s poll lead is smaller than his lead in most recent national polls, but the Republican nominee still leads Clinton by about three points in most national polls.

The RealClearPolitics polling average has Trump at 47.9 percent in Ohio and Clinton at 45.3 percent.

The Reuters-Ipsos tracking poll has Clinton ahead of Trump by about seven points.

The latest AP-Election Day Tracking Poll has Clinton with 45.2 percent to Trump’s 44.3.

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