Posted November 06, 2019 07:06:42The sounds of a deep ocean can be heard in Australia, as one listener calls out to the ocean for help.

As part of an exhibition called Ocean Sounds: From the sea to the sky, the Sydney Opera House is hosting a symposium titled “Taken from the Sea” to highlight the rich and diverse sounds of Australia’s oceans.

The theme of the symposium is called Soundclick, and the show includes recordings from around the world, from the ocean to the heavens.

Listeners call out to a world-renowned sound system.

“We’re here to listen to the sounds of nature, the sounds that we’ve all been hearing, like the ocean,” a man named David told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“I was at a sea station when I was a kid, and I remember it was kind of the best sound station in the world.”

The ocean is a very, very powerful sound, and we are here to hear it.

“It’s very powerful and it’s very loud, and it doesn’t take long to hear.”

And I’ll tell you why it’s so powerful, it’s because it’s a universal sound.

“The sound system used by David, who lives in Adelaide, is an acoustic sound-tracking system, with the help of a special microphone and a computer system.

He calls it the Ocean Sounds, a system that uses sound to communicate with the human body.”

This is the only sound system that can actually track ocean currents, and that’s what the Ocean Sound System is, and they have a lot of people who work on them and they’ve done really amazing work,” Mr David said.

The sound of a wave, or a sound from an airplane, is another universal sound, as is the sound of thunder.”

Sound is a universal phenomenon,” Dr Mark Evers, a marine biologist at the University of New South Wales, told ABC radio.”

When you hear the thunder, it just sounds like a thunderstorm.

“There are so many different sounds that can be recorded by the ocean.”

What we are seeing is that when you get a big sound, it is going to be amplified.

“The symposium runs until December 13, and is open to the public.”

For us to do a symphony on the oceans sounds just as important as what we do on the land, and what we are doing in the air, because we are so dependent on the ocean sounds,” Dr Evers said.