Japan’s music industry has warned it is facing a “significant” shortage of skilled musicians due to a lack of new technology.

A new report by the Japan Federation of Music Industries said the country is facing an “emergency shortage” of skilled music makers.

“The music industry in Japan has been suffering from a shortage of new instruments and musical styles in recent years,” the report said.

“While many of the musicians have experienced the crisis and difficulties in acquiring instruments, the industry is not well equipped to produce new instruments or new styles.”

For example, many musicians have a limited number of instruments and instruments can’t be produced because of technical reasons.

“The report said the lack of technology was not just due to the high cost of equipment.”

It also involves the lack to train and manage staff in the field, the lack in equipment and the lack on funding,” it said.

The report comes after the government announced in June it was creating a new music industry to help the country cope with the crisis.”

I am not concerned that the shortage of musicians will only be a temporary situation,” Cabinet Secretary Shunichi Imai said.

Mr Imai told the broadcaster NHK the government’s plan to help create a new industry was to be announced in July.”

This is something that we are aiming for, to have a new generation of people who can make music,” he said.