The Mortal Instruments movie is finally getting a soundtrack, and according to Spotify it’s all about the fiddle instrumentals.

Mortal Instruments: Overture has been a long-awaited soundtrack since it was announced back in 2016, and now it’s finally coming to the digital streaming service. 

This time around, you’ll be able to stream the soundtrack through the company’s website, and you’ll need to subscribe to the Spotify Premium service, which means you’ll get access to all the songs and albums. 

For now, the soundtrack will be available only in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

The official website says the soundtrack, which was produced by Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor, features 13 tracks and an extensive collection of instrumental albums.

There are four pieces that feature on the soundtrack: The First Fiddle, The Second Fiddle (The First Fiddlers Song), The Third Fiddle and The Fourth Fiddle. 

In this section, we’ll be covering the four pieces of the soundtrack.

The First TimeYou’re walking through the woods with a pair of hands tied behind your back, but you’ve never felt so alive.

The Second TimeYou have your back to the wall, but the breeze is blowing at a rate that feels just right.

The Third TimeYou know the sound of the breeze, but it’s coming so fast.

You can feel it on your skin, your breath, your heart, and your whole body.

You know what you’re about to do, but that’s all you know.

It’s a familiar sound, but one that will always bring you joy.

You feel the rhythm of your heartbeat, and the gentle thump of your feet on the ground.

The first time it happens, you know it’s right, and that you will do it again.

It makes you feel so alive, you feel like you’re on fire.

It reminds you of the world that you’ve left behind.

It feels like you’ve lost everything, but in the end you’ll find a way to bring it back to life.

The Fourth TimeYou feel the heartbeat of your body, and everything else around you.

You are in control of everything, and it’s time to bring yourself back to your rightful place.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve made it this far, or if you are the last person left on this earth, the Fourth Time will bring you back to earth.

You feel like the sky is falling, but your spirit is still alive.

You hear the sound that you know is the sound you should be making, and then you see it happen.

You are in charge of your life, but everything you do is connected to the universe around you, and will eventually affect everything around you as well.

You know exactly how to bring everything back to what it should be, but things will change and you will lose control of yourself.

You see everything around, but this world is changing in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.

The Sixth TimeYou are walking down the street in the middle of the night.

You hear a voice say, “Where is everyone?”

You look up, but there’s no one.

You look around and see the street is deserted.

The voices you heard were just your imagination, and they were the voices you had been hearing all this time.

You were always dreaming of finding them, but now you know you’re not alone.

You want to leave, but what you see isn’t what you want.

You can’t leave this place because the city is changing.

You see the city changing, and every day you feel it changing.

It is as if time is shifting, but its changing quickly.

You’re lost in a world that has never been yours, and this is the last time you will see it.

You walk, but something feels wrong.

You walk, because you want to be there, but all you see is the streets of New York, the city you know and love.

You have lost your identity.

Your memories are lost.

Your sense of reality is lost.

You’re like the child who is afraid to go home, and only sees the dark corners of the room.

You have been dreaming for so long, and yet you can’t seem to go away.

You were told that life was fair, and to go to college and find something for yourself.

But you never thought that life would ever be fair.

You never thought you would ever feel that life could be unfair.

You’ve always been blessed, but life is unfair to you.

Your mind is so confused, and so confused you can only imagine the pain you’re feeling right now.

You don’t know where you are, or what you should do, and right now you can feel everything you need to feel right.

You don’t want to lose your life.

You only want to bring others back from the dead, and find peace.