AUSTRALIAN instruments are still struggling to catch on with younger people.

But with the emergence of new instruments that are much more affordable, more affordable for the average musician, the guitar is beginning to see more mainstream popularity, with many Australians having played it in the past.

There are several new instruments in Australia that have a different sound than the ones that are available overseas.

Australian guitarists and musicians are also discovering the joys of playing live music.

What do you love most about guitar?

Read moreFrom a practical perspective, most guitarists love the sound of the guitar.

The string bends, the low-end, the fretwork and the volume of the tone are all very pleasing.

When it comes to making the guitar sound good, it can be a challenge.

I have to make sure I’m getting a good tone.

To get the best tone, I have to play really well.

That can sometimes mean making the sound sound too high.

You have to keep in mind that you can only really play so many times in a day, so you have to be able to play the guitar a lot.

Sometimes that means a lot of playing in a certain position, or that you have a certain volume and string position that you are able to get away with, but it is definitely worth experimenting.

And it’s not only the guitar that can be the challenge.

It’s also a good way to get out of the house when you need to do a lot in the morning, or the time when you want to get a little more work done.

Once you’ve got your playing in order, you can then focus on making sure you are having a good time and enjoying yourself.