On Saturday, Breitbart News released the first audio clip of a song by Brazilian electronic music group Musica Cristiana, which was recorded at the same location as last month’s inauguration of President Donald Trump.

The clip, entitled “Musica, Musica,” was released as a digital download on Thursday by the group’s official website, as well as its Facebook page.

The song was composed by Brazilian artist Márcio Nascimento, who has worked with artists including David Guetta, The Weeknd, and Alessia Cara, among others.

In the clip, which is accompanied by a video of a concert by the band’s songwriter, Musica speaks of the importance of “the people, the people’s songs.”

“I want you to sing for me and for the people, because I love you,” she says in the song, as Trump’s motorcade passes by the venue.

The lyrics read: “I love you, I love your love, I don’t need to know anything.”

Musica’s video also features a video clip of the band performing a performance of “I’m a Singer,” a song featuring a young singer-songwriter who says “I have a message for you, because this is what I want to say.”

“We are going to fight against the system, we are going be the resistance,” she continues, as the video closes.

“And I hope that, as you see me in the streets, you will be able to see us as a resistance.”

The clip has garnered praise from some of the music industry’s most prominent artists, including Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift.

But others have denounced the video as racist.

“This is the beginning of the end of our democracy, which has been taken away from us,” tweeted Taylor Swift, who said on Twitter that she was “disappointed” in the clip.

“I would like to see the video of this beautiful woman and the people who have been listening to it be removed.

I am disappointed by this disgusting, offensive video.”

“This video is a blatant attempt to erase any legacy of a great, powerful woman who has been a force in the world for decades,” wrote Lady Gaga.

“If this video is not removed from the internet, I will not watch it.”

The band, which recently announced a tour, did not respond to a request for comment from Breitbart News.

A statement released by the singer-singer’s label, RCA, said that “it is impossible for us to comment on any of these issues, as we are yet to receive the official certificate from the Ministry of Culture of the country of Brazil.”

A Facebook post from the band on Friday said that the video was “too violent” and “provides no insight into the way the music is meant to be used.”

“As a group, we have been deeply moved by the outpouring of support that has been given to our video, and are excited about sharing it with the world,” the post reads.

“We hope that the world can use it to make a better world.”