The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) says it is investigating complaints that a mysterious electronic wind device has been broadcasting music from the Canadian Pacific Railway.

The device was recorded on the track between Calgary and Edmonton, and it’s the first time it’s been seen in Alberta in a decade.

It’s believed to be connected to an online message board where people post their music requests, and to a group called the Canadian Folk Band.

The CRTC says it’s taking the complaints seriously.

“We are aware of the complaints, and we are investigating them,” said CRTC chair Suzanne Legault.

“What we know is that we are looking into them.”

Legault says the CRTC will work with the band, and that the CRT will have an independent expert look into the issue.

The Canadian Folk band posted the recording on its website, but the CRTV has since taken it down.

Legault said it was unclear whether the CRTT is involved in the issue, but that she’s received calls from the CRTF about it.

The commission is looking into whether the recording was recorded in a way that would be illegal under the Public Service Broadcasting Act.

Legaults office says it has been in touch with the CRTA and will provide them with a statement in the coming days.