How Japanese instruments were named in the 18th century

JAPANESE INSTRUMENTS LOST THEIR NAME IN THE 18TH CENTURY…AND THEY WERE ALWAYS NAMEED AFTER THE TANK.The Japanese tank named after the Japanese Imperial Army tankers (the Tetsushu) was a light infantry tank developed in 1853 and made by Mitsubishi Heavy Tank Factory.It had the following specifications: The tank was capable of carrying six machine guns, […]

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What is a modern classical instrument?

By the late 19th century, there were more than a dozen different styles of classical music.Modern classical instruments were invented by musicians who had spent time in the classical world in the early 20th century.They are now recognised as being one of the oldest and most diverse forms of music in the world.What is classical […]

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How to find the right organ in a new music video

Organ instruments can be an important part of any video, whether it’s a rock song or a film.Here are some tips to help you decide what instrument you want.The organ organ Organ music is often accompanied by percussion, and sometimes vocals, so it’s important to find an organ that sounds good together.“A good organ is […]

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Dulcimer, soundclick instruments to be released in India

Indian musicians and musicians-in-residence will soon have a new instrument to play in the country’s booming music industry.The instrument, dubbed “Dulcimers SoundClick” by a team of Indian music students at the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, will be released to the public in the state of Maharashtra from the end of next year.The new instrument is […]

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How does one make beats for a film?

If you are working on a film, you are likely to be working on beats. If you are not, however, it is a good idea to get a beat recording system in place to help you create the right mood and tone.There are a few different ways to record beats, and we are going to explore […]

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How to Play Guitar Without Using the Pads

The first thing you’ll notice about the new iPad mini is its thinner profile, but the new mini’s biggest advantage is its performance.It’s the same size and shape as its predecessor, but it’s got a better processor and a better display.The iPad mini doesn’t feel as thin as the iPhone 6 Plus, but its design […]

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